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Hail to the Monkey

We're having a funky reunion

7 December 1980
I am now a part of the United States Marine Corps as of June 29, 2007

I am a young southern woman who is fun-loving and very entertaining. I seem to have loads of useless information, but, I do rather well on Jeopardy. Movies are a passion!!! I love trivia, classic novels, and softball.

I love goofing off. I very seldom know how to be serious. That kind of stuff will only be tolerated in the office setting.

My favorite obsessions at the moment are Sherrilyn Kenyon novels, My husband and the always sexy Harrison Ford. The classic obsessions are The Goonies, Scooby Doo, sour punch straws (for that extra sugar rush), and the classic cartoons, like Thundercats and She-Ra.

I love to meet new people and would love for people to friend me!!

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Shaun is Fucking King of the Zombies Love
by elbereth_peril

Han Solo is Love
by justaredherring

Obi-Wan Kenobi is Love
by justaredherring

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U2 is Rock and Roll Legend Love

by lovedstrangely

Dom is Love
by washed_away_art


by dolface546

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Happy Bunny is Smart-Ass Love

adam clayton, adrien brody, agent smith, alan rickman, alec guinness, alfred hitchcock, anne rice, anthony rapp, are you being served, bill nighy, billy connolly, blooregard q kazoo, boba fett, body modification, bono, boondock saints, british accents, british comedies, cadburry chocolate, cillian murphey, classic literature, classic movies, classical music, claude monet, clue, co co, coupling, crochet, dark-hunter series, darth vader, david della rocco, david wenham, dill pickles, dominic monaghan, eduardo, edward gorey, ewan mcgregor, faramir, franz ferdinand, fred & george weasley, fried okra, general grievous, gilderoy lockhart, goonies, guy pearce, harrison ford, harry potter, henry gale, house, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, indiana jones, iraq vets, irish accents, jack davenport, james purefoy, jason flemyng, jason isaacs, jason statham, jeopardy, jesse l martin, johnny depp, josh holloway, kiefer sutherland, kilts, larry mullen jr, laurence olivier, lemony snicket, lost, lotr, lucius malfoy, malcolm mcdowell, maleficent, marines, merry & pippin, mexican food, miami ink, military channel, monkeys, monty python, moulin rouge, muppets, musicals, norman reedus, obi-wan kenobi, ok go, paranormal romance, patrick stewart, pet rats, phantom of the opera, piano, piercings, pirates, r lee ermey, ralph fiennes, rent, richard coyle, richard roxborough, robbie williams, rocky horror picture show, scooby doo, scottish accents, sean connery, sean patrick flanery, severus snape, shaun of the dead, she-ra, sherrilyn kenyon, simon pegg, softball, sour punch straws, spongebob squarepants, star wars, stephen lynch, tattoos, the edge, the killers, the lost boys, the matrix, the porn closet, third day, thundercats, tim curry, time after time, transformers, u2, underworld, usmc, usmc wives, vampires, van gogh, velvet goldmine, vicar of dibley, victoria's secret, viggo mortensen, weddings, weird al yankovic, will ferrell, willem dafoe, yoda